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Length of Service Award Program

Hometown Firefighter Services have the expertise in LOSAP Programs as we proudly serve over 200 fire districts throughout the State of New York.

Why Hometown Firefighter Services Award Programs are the Right Choice:

  1. Our LOSAP Program offers a choice of payout options:
    • Lump Sum
    • 5-Year Fixed Period
    • 10-Year Fixed Period
    • Life with 10-Year Certain
    • Life Annuity
    • Life Annuity with 100% Survivor Benefits
  2. Annual Actuarial report for each firefighter.
  3. The lowest administration fees available.
  4. A variety of investment options, including NYSAFE (New York Service Award Fund - Exclusive) and annuities that pay high “guaranteed” interest rates on your funds.
  5. Expert advice on handling Post-Entitlement Benefits and EEOC (Equal Opportunity Commission) issues.
  6. Individualized counseling when a member reaches entitlement age.
  7. An additional Death Benefit for your firefighter’s family.
  8. A helpful and efficient staff who have expertise in LOSAP.
  9. Our plans provide for the retirement benefit to be FULLY FUNDED when a member reaches entitlement age.
  10. An actuary will calculate how much money is needed to pay the entire lifetime benefit so all the money is available at entitlement

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