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Length of Service Award Program

Hometown Firefighter & EMS Services have the expertise in LOSAP Programs as we proudly serve over 200 fire districts throughout the State of New York.

Why Hometown Firefighter & EMS Services Award Programs are the Right Choice:

  1. Our LOSAP Program offers a choice of payout options:
    • Lump Sum
    • 5-Year Fixed Period
    • 10-Year Fixed Period
    • Life with 10-Year Certain
    • Life Annuity
    • Life Annuity with 100% Survivor Benefits
  2. Annual Actuarial report for each firefighter.
  3. The lowest administration fees available.
  4. A variety of investment options, including NYSAFE (New York Service Award Fund - Exclusive) and annuities that pay high “guaranteed” interest rates on your funds.
  5. Expert advice on handling Post-Entitlement Benefits and EEOC (Equal Opportunity Commission) issues.
  6. Individualized counseling when a member reaches entitlement age.
  7. An additional Death Benefit for your firefighter’s family.
  8. A helpful and efficient staff who have expertise in LOSAP.
  9. Our plans provide for the retirement benefit to be FULLY FUNDED when a member reaches entitlement age.
  10. An actuary will calculate how much money is needed to pay the entire lifetime benefit so all the money is available at entitlement

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